Photos and videos from my wedding

Η παλαιότερη σελίδα που είχε τις πληροφορίες για την προετοιμασία του γάμου βρίσκεται εδώ.



I got married to my long-time companion in life Doroula on September 5th 2009 at the Mamma Mia island of Skopelos, near central Greece. It was a terrific wedding experience, and this page contains selected photographs taken during our stay in the island.

If you wish to see the videos from our wedding you can visit this page. I edited myself the clips into a 10-part miniseries over the course of 3-4 weeks, using (mainly) Windows Live Movie Maker.

You can also find the wedding photobook we have created at blurb.


The REAL Mamma Mia Wedding


Sunset at the beach of Milies - next to Kastani beach where parts of the Mamma Mia movie were shot.




View from our hotel room at the Adrina Hotel where we spent 4 days. The wedding reception took place around the pool area.




The day before the wedding, us and our friends gathered together at Kastani Beach to enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the sea. Top row, left to right: Thanos, Gina, Yiorgos, Nana, Akis, Natalia, Andrew, Teresa, Vera, Alexandra, myself, Nikos. Bottom row, left to right: Maria, Fotini, Dora, Lemonia.




The night before, we had a warm-up party in a nearby taverna. Here, uncle Makis on the left is leading the - unquestionably passionate - dance.




That night was, of course, also the bachelor night. Akis was kind enough to bring cigars form everybody. It was the first (and probably last) time that I attempted to smoke a cigar.




This is the small church inside the Adrina Hotel grounds where we got married. The ceremony and the guests were outdoors.




Our cute bridesmaid, Ioanna. She already had 3 weddings in her resume in similar positions.




After I pick up the bride from her dad, we started walking towards the churchyard.




A nice back view of our walk towards te church.




Our koumbara Ioanna is exchanging the crowns (made from real flowers) - a tradition of the Greek Orthodox church.




At the end of the ceremony, the priests and the couple dance our the table, while people throw rice at the us. That's the funniest moment in any wedding.




Me and Dora at our beach photoshoot.




Back at Hotel Adrina, the guests started taking their seats in the reception area around the pool.




After everyone was ready, we arrived from the sea, using a boat, with the accompanying music of Star Wars (see the video section for an actual account of the immersive entrance).




After dinner, we opened the dance with a dance we had rehearsed for months - with the sound of Yannis Parios and his song Sala-Sala (Σάλα-Σάλα).




Dora is shown here seconds before she traditionally throws the bouquet to the single girls in the party.




One of the coolest thing in the party was that we danced many songs by going around the pool - with people joining in on the way.






Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in further photographs and content from this amazing wedding.