Fun Science

Fun Science

Newton (2005) - The first real scientist

Another Aspect of Reality (2005) - Locality and truth in Quantum Mechanics

Brain Teasers (2006) - Riddles to keep your brain busy

Feynman (2006) - The last true genius of our time

Interesting Papers (2006) - Landmark contributions in the history of physical sciences

A Brief History of Gravity (2007) - A story not about science, but about the people behind it

A Brief History of Light (part 1) (2007) - The struggle to understand light

Diffraction (2010) - The fastest Fourier transform

On the science of LOST (2010) - Science in the one of the most unique shows made

Nature vs. Nurture (2011) - What determines our personalities?

Totality (2017) - A memoir of the 2017 total solar eclipse